Why us?

Private Language Preschool “Pod Magnolią” is a modern childcare institution located in Kraków. It is an extraordinary place providing every child with the highest level of education and best care possible.

The latest teaching methods, which distinguish us, include classes conducted in two languages simultaneously and interactive educational tools which make learning fun. We offer transport of children to and from preschool and healthy diet tailored to meet particular nutritious requirements. We guarantee the best environment for learning and playing and safety!

  Language preschool and English preschool

In our preschool we apply the method of natural acquisition, that is why we conduct classes in both Polish and English simultaneously. The multicultural curriculum makes it possible to accommodate children from all around the world. We believe that regularity is the key to success thus English classes take place on daily basis.

At parents’ requests, we teach other foreign languages as well, e.g. German, French, Spanish and Chinese.


  Effective methods of teaching

We apply innovative methods of teaching that support harmonious development of children. They allow for making learning more effective and make the classes interesting and fun!

Among others, the following methods are used in our preschool: Glottodidactics, Education through Fun, Carl Orff’s method, Veronica Sherborne’s method of developmental movement, Children’s Mathematics by Edyta Gruszczyk-Kolczyńska. 

  Healthy diet

We know that both intellectual development of children as well as a healthy lifestyle are equally important. That is why we have opened our ownhealthy kitchen. Well-balanced, wholesome meals are prepared to suit the needs and tastes of children (we also offer different kinds of special diets.)

  Multimedia room

We take care of comprehensive and balanced development of every child. We put into practice innovative educational methods, including interactive tools to make it possible.

In our preschool there are tablets, interactive boards, multimedia table, seamless touch screens and a „magic” multimedia carpet in the multimedia roomThey make learning effective and extremely enjoyable!

  Transport of children

In our preschool we know that time is money. As it is sometimes difficult to fulfil all professional and family duties, we offer a special service — transport of children to and from preschool. We can tailor this service to suit the parents’ needs best, e.g. to transport the child only one-way!

We believe that the time we save for you can be used a lot better, e.g. to play with your child! 


We pay a lot of attention to the issue of safety.

We know that parents worry about their kids who spend long hours in preschool. That is why we have constant monitoring to make parents sure that children are safe and sound. 

  The best care

Highly qualified and experienced teachers look after children in our preschool. They pay attention to individual development of every child and offer a lot of tender supervision.

Every group of children has two teachers.

  Lots of fun

Time spent in preschool is not only about learning, it is most of all lots of fun!

We believe that children learn through playing, so we apply many educational games which match their skills and age. 

Private International Preschool Pod Magnolią