Extra activities

Extra activities

Dear Parents,
Enrolling your children in our preschool guarantees them a variety of extra-curricular activities and plenty of attractions. So far, we have been offering the following activities:

  • everyday English classes,
  • nature education,
  • regional education,
  • arts and crafts,
  • eurhythmics classes,
  • gymnastics with elements of physiotherapy,
  • speech diagnosis,
  • psychological workshop,
  • early development support,
  • drama classes,
  • sports activities

Think about the future of your children now and enrol them in our preschool!


Packets Offer

I. „BEST START” PACKETcommunication in Polish!

  • Afternoon tea with english language(3x a week) – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Toddler Club  NEW!  Music and dance animations with the instructor (once a week)
  • Zumba Kids!*  (once a week)
  • “Przedszkoliada”- Kangaroo Team–New!Play with balls (once a week) – Tuesday

Packet price 360 PLN


II. „SPORT-DANCE” Packet – communication in Polish!

  • Afternoon tea with English language (3x a week) – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Conversations with Native Speaker/Lector (once a week) – Tuesday
  • Zumba Kids (once a week) – Tuesday 2.00 p.m./ 2.30 p.m.
  • Ballet (Wednesday  4 p.m.) or Hip Hop classes (Thursday  1.30 p.m. )* – (once a week) Optinal! Choosing one of this two activities
  • Sports classes with posture correction exercises (twice a week , 2.00 p.m./2.30 p.m.) – Monday, Wednesday
  • “Przedszkoliada”- Kangaroo Team–New!Play with balls (once a week) – Tuesday 11.00 p.m.

Packet price 470 PLN



Attention! 2021/2022 Inactive (the minimum number of children has not been gathered)

Packet  dedicated mainly to foreigners

Packets: „BEST START” (I)  or  „SPORT-DANCE” (II) with English as a lecture language! (communication in English); Core curriculum in Polish

Packet price: 

 850 PLN