Transport of children


We offer the service of transporting children to preschool and back home. If you are interested in this service, please read the rules below.


1. Our Magnolia air-conditioned minibus used for transportation has safety belts.

2. The minibus driver, Mr Karol, has proper qualifications to transport people.

3. Transport fees:

  • A location up to 4.5 km from the preschool (on the regular route of the minibus) — PLN 200 a month,
  • A location up to 10 km from the preschool — PLN 350 a month.

4. An individual ride (only if available) – initial fee PLN 15 plus PLN 2/km.

5. All fees paid in a lump sum for 10 months by the 5th day of the month. The monthly fee is set, regardless of the number of free days or a child’s absence.

6. If a child is given a ride only in the morning or afternoon, the price is 20% lower.

7. The fee of another child from the same family is 50%.

8. At earlier notice it is possible to set up one meeting point for all children from one estate. Then the transport fee is the average fee agreed for the given location.

9. It is a group transport, not an individual one. The arrival time at preschool or back home depends on the schedule of all the children in a group.

10. In the morning, the driver waits only 2 minutes at a child’s address, then the minibus has to leave in order to run on schedule. If no adult is present at home in the afternoon, please call the driver in advance to set another place and time to pick up the child.

11. The parent is obliged to notify the driver when a child is not going to preschool on a given day. Please, make sure that the parent authorised to contact the driver has to have the mobile phone turned on.

12. If the parent is away, it is necessary to deliver a letter of authorization for a temporary guardian of a child. The authorization may be left at preschool or given to the driver.

13. In order to contact the driver, send a text message or write a note in a notebook carried by the child. It is the best way to minimise the bus stopover and avoid any misunderstandings related to the forwarded information e.g. about a planned absence, return from preschool by other means of transport etc.

14. Please, do not delay the departure of the minibus from your home. The driver will gladly talk to you at some other time which does not collide with the timely transportation of other children

15. The pick-up and arrival times may change due to unexpected weather conditions or road accidents, detours, traffic jams and force majeure events (such as road flooding, network failures, unexpected road obstacles, blockades, road closures etc.)

16. The minibus drives all year round, apart from the first and the last day of preschool.

17. The Preschool is allowed to refuse the service if the parents do not obey the rules of transport especially the ones concerning punctuality and fees). The cancellation of services may also occur if the child’s behaviour is inappropriate and influences the safety during transport.


Registration for transportation should be sent to: