Extra activities

Extra activities

Dear Parents,
Enrolling your children in our preschool guarantees them a variety of extra-curricular activities and plenty of attractions. So far, we have been offering the following activities:

  • everyday English classes,
  • nature education,
  • regional education,
  • arts and crafts,
  • eurhythmics classes,
  • gymnastics with elements of physiotherapy,
  • speech therapy,
  • psychological workshop,
  • cooking classes,
  • early development support,
  • drama classes.

In the school year 2015/2016, we are going to add new classes:

  • song studio with Orff instruments,
  • plasticine classes,
  • sports activities,
  • zumba kids,
  • young gardeners,
  • little cheerleaders,
  • maths for kids;

Think about the future of your children now and enrol them in our preschool!