Weekend workshops

Warsztaty weekendowe

All children are invited to our great weekend workshops. Their aim is to develop various talents and skills of young kids. Workshops take place on Saturday in two groups:

  • 9 a.m.to 1: p.m.
  • 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.


We offer:

  • Creative thinking classes – didactic activities developing creative and logical thinking, e.g. guessing riddles, quizzes and working with children’s own ideas.
  • Drama classes – proper articulation, plays on words, movement on stage, pantomime, reciting, staging plays, drama, body language with the use of emotions
  • Nature workshop – theme-oriented classes dedicated to e.g. viruses, animal camouflage, combined with experiments
  • Cooking classes – making easy dishes by children themselves, e.g. cookies or sandwiches.
  • Eurhythmics classes – music appreciation, singing, playing the instruments, rhythmic exercises etc.
  • Speech therapy – exercises enhancing breathing and speaking (listening and articulation exercises)
  • Gymnastics with elements of physiotherapy – movement exercises, general work-out to develop young bodies in a harmonious way, whole body exercises
  • Bible stories (at parents’ request) – religious education classes.
  • Dog-therapy – classes with certified coaches and dogs (learning about dog’s bodies, their behaviors, playing together), making friends with animals, learning animal body language.
  • Ceramics – classes how to make object from clay, trimming, modeling, decorating
  • Dancing – ballroom dance classes with a dance instructor as fun, learning basic steps, ballet, oriental dancing and other special dance classes, rhythmic exercises.
  • Regional education “My Little Homeland” – classes about Poland, our region and towns (legends, customs, costumes).
  • Arts and crafts classes “The Little Artist” – creating interesting and impressive works, learning in theory and putting into practice various techniques and spaces (including 3D, flat surfaces).
  • Eurhythmics with a kid orchestra – Orff instruments, playing different musical instruments, children orchestra.
  • Song Studio – singing and recording songs.
  • Psychological workshop „Getting to the bottom of things” – theme-oriented classes tailored to the group’s needs e.g. about different emotions, empathy etc.
  • Cooking classes “I eat yummy and healthy” – cooking classes (preparing healthy meals) together with mini-lectures (e.g. on fruit, vitamins, health).
  • Living Workshop  classes about folk crafts, ethnographic and artistic workshops, arts classes using traditional materials e.g. making hay toys, papermaking, combining folk art with dying professions.






The price of workshops depends on the subject and the number of participants.